Body and soul regeneration

1 August 2023

Casa Far agosto 2023

Consolidated in body by the load-bearing structures and completely transformed in soul by the layout of the interior furnishing spaces, this family villa on the outskirts of Brescia has acquired new forms and personality. In this complete renovation project, Far Arreda has given new vitality to the spaces and furnishings through a careful study of volumes, shapes and colours ranging from dark brown to orange and white.

The rooms, elegant and welcoming, are developed on a single floor. The living area opens onto a large, bright open-plan room that directly overlooks the outdoor garden and swimming pool. A pair of symmetrical doors leads to the guest bathroom and to the sleeping area where the private rooms characterised by a delicate and glamorous style are located.

The true protagonists of this renovation are the exterior fittings that enhance the visual composition, colour combinations and subdivision of spaces, making this residence unique and personalised.

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